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Love spell works


We have already considered how a love spell works. It remains to pay attention to the side effects of magical rituals. It is not difficult to understand why negative consequences manifest themselves. It is either inattention to the terms of the conspiracy, or inaccurate adherence to the instructions of the ritual. The most dangerous problems after a love spell can be impotence, alcoholism and health problems. And if black magic is used, death or problems in children or grandchildren of the enchanted can occur due to a single mistake. As you can see, negative consequences can appear not immediately, but after a long time. Although sometimes the side effects can depend on how long the love spell lasts. And the more a person is exposed, the more seriously he can become ill.

To answer the question of whether love spells work in the affirmative, all instructions and wishes attached to the ceremony must be followed carefully and clearly. Usually nothing happens quickly, everything takes time. And magic is a whimsical sphere. The result can be seen within days or weeks. How much time elapses from the ceremony until the love spell takes effect depends on many factors, some of which are simply beyond our control. Therefore, watch your loved one's behavior, pay more attention to him or her so that he or she feels taken care of and affectionate. And the happiness will not last long.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

 Moqui Balls - Indian Balls of Power that restore order and harmony

 Moqui Balls - Indian Balls of Power that restore order and harmony

Moqui Balls originate from Indians of North America and Africa. They are unique power balls because of their composition and properties with a wide range of applications. Formerly used by shamans, today they can be in your hands, bringing order and harmony.
The spheres come in pairs - female and male. The male one looks like an ear, the female one is somewhat similar to a nut (a slightly wrinkled sphere). Both should be used at the same time, do not separate them (unless you give the other one to your partner) and do not keep only two female or two male ones together. According to beliefs, they are living beings that form love pairs. The composition of these spheres is sandstone rich in iron and elements more commonly found in space than on Earth. An example of this is the titanium found in them. Today, these stones are found in formations, for example, in Utah, USA. Indians believe that the presence of these stones is linked to the center of the Earth, and they do not want to reveal all the locations. Shamans considered Moqui spheres to be sacred stones and used them for rituals, receiving visions and to contact other civilizations. The name of the spheres comes from the Hopi Indians - they mean "faithful brother" or "beloved deceased." The name is also related to the beliefs of the Indians which say that in the orbs are the souls of ancestors, ready to help us completely selflessly and harmlessly.

Moqui spheres - properties

Moqui spheres have an extremely high energy frequency - comparable to meteorites. For two small spheres, these properties are quite a lot. Just holding the stones in the hands introduces a meditative and calming state. Also, they bring peace and harmony to the environment in which they are stored. They remove all energy blockages and harmonize the life of the owner. They enhance positive attitudes towards people and life. When used systematically, they harmonize male and female energy, stimulate creativity and the third eye. They can also be protective stones against evil energies and powers, and talismans for attracting luck. At the same time, by rubbing these two spheres, we increase our susceptibility to feeling energies normally not felt. They definitely promote our spiritual development.
Moqui are used to open and close chakras and to gather and transmit energy. They help in getting rid of energy blockages, grounding during meditation and rituals, and also provide energy protection. They help us find ourselves, positively influence our self-reliance and independence and allow us to live life to the fullest. They harmonize male and female energy, open the third eye chakra, and connect us to the energy of the Earth and the cosmos.

 Merkaba - a field of multidimensional reality

 Merkaba - a field of multidimensional reality

What is merkaba? A light? A space vehicle? Something available to everyone, or only to the chosen few? Merkaba is a vehicle of light that will remind us of our divinity and allow us to discover the multidimensional reality.

What is merkaba

There are many definitions and descriptions of it. Merkaba can be described as a parareligious and esoteric ideology based on the principles of "sacred geometry" and Kabbalah. The merkaba is written about in the Bible, the Book of Henoch, the Koran, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, so it is not a New Age novelty discovered during the awakening. The merkaba is known as the vehicle of ascension, the Bible relates it to Ezekiel, who ascended into heaven.
By itself, the merkaba is a living human energy field; a field of light, generated to create specific geometric forms that involve both spirit and body. The merkaba is also an energy vehicle that can show us the way to other, new planes of reality. It is a tool that helps people bring out their full potential. It is a crystalline energy field made up of specific figures of sacred geometry. They are the ones that tune together: mind, body and heart.
Merkaba spins at the speed of light. When fully activated, it looks like a galactic structure. It allows us to experience expanded consciousness and restores access and memory to the infinite possibilities of our being. It is safe to say that it is the activator of divinity within us. The activation of this field of light opens up tremendous possibilities: from self-healing to healing others to the possibility of moving into higher vibrational dimensions.
A properly functioning merkaba field is about 18 meters in diameter, in proportion to a person's height. It looks identical to the thermal shell of the Earth in the infrared photo - it has the same basic shape, a traditional flying saucer. This is a typical "materialization of spirituality", characteristic of New Age ideology. In non-sleepy people, the merkaba is located around the human body, as a three-dimensional geometric network. This energetic network is in "sleepers" in a state of hibernation and does not function, waiting for the right moment to activate it.

How to activate the merkaba

One way to activate the merkaba is through breath meditation. This activating meditation is seventeen breaths, combined with appropriate mudras and commands, generating the speed and direction of field rotation. These are all derived from yoga or kabbalah, from the ancient Atlantean tradition, and indirectly from the Egyptians. This meditation can be learned most simply in workshops or courses. Workshops include, but are not limited to: learning meditation to activate the merkaba field, "sacred geometry" of the luminous body, ancient breathing practices, healing the inner child.
Merkaba can be activated in each of us independently. The only condition we need to activate this luminous field is to fill it with unconditional love. Only by providing such fuel will the Flower of Life be activated and blossom beautifully. If our heart is open, and love, peace, harmony and forgiveness are established in our daily lives, the merkaba's luminous field will shine unhindered.
And here is one of the many ways to activate the merkaba, perhaps the simplest, consisting of three steps.

Step one:

We draw or imagine a flat merkaba on the ground. We can even print out its symbol for ourselves on a piece of paper and put it next to our bed, so that every day we start the day by stepping into it.

Step two:

We stand on the drawing: physically or, if we have it "drawn visually," in a vision. In this short meditation, we imagine the triangles becoming spatial. The Female Triangle reaches slightly above our chest. The Male Triangle touches the base of our thighs. We can stand or sit in this shape in a lotus. The color of the merkaba depends on the vision and our intentions. It can be the purple color of Archangel Zadkiel, the blue of Archangel Michael, or silver or gold. Once the vision is complete, let's try to set the triangles in motion. The male to the left, the female to the right. When this is successful, surround the whole thing in the vision with the golden Flower of Life.

Step three:

In vision or physically, let's start walking. Let's take the first step, and we will feel that the merkaba does not leave us, and despite our movement we are still at its center. As we leave the vision, we return to matter, but the merkaba is still around us.

 Vegvisir - a runic protective compass

 Vegvisir - a runic protective compass

A symbol we know little about - the Vegvisir talisman is shrouded in mystery, which makes us even more eager to use it - on paper, in talisman form or tattooed on the body. From the sources, all we know is that it existed and that it was a runic compass for those who were returning home. Will the contemporary Vegvisir help in finding the spiritual path home? Does having a runic symbol in any way affect one's perception of life's purpose? Does it strengthen the connection to the soul?

Vegvisir (pronounced: Vegg-vee-seer) is a signpost symbol. Vegvisir is said to be "that which shows the way." It was supposed to help one reach his destination despite unfavorable weather phenomena. In addition to the symbolism of the runic compass, it also had a deep spiritual meaning. It is a symbol that comes from the Icelandic 19th-century manuscript Huld on folk traditions. This talisman, was mentioned there with just one sentence: "he who has the Vegvisir symbol with him will not get lost despite a storm or bad weather, even if he does not know the way." The symbol is associated with the Vikings, but it has not been proven that it was recognized by them. The fact that information about Vegvisir is found in the Huld manuscript is no guarantee that the pre-Christian people and Germanic peoples knew anything about it.
Another source where we can find information about it is the spell book Galdrabok, which contains randomly compiled spells, as well as knowledge about Germanic gods and cosmology.
We should carry the talisman with us when we need protection and guidance. In Icelandic it means: wayfinder and destination point. Similar to the Huld manuscript, in the book of spells, the Vegvisir symbol allows you to find your way home and not get lost, despite adverse weather conditions. According to the information in the book of spells, the symbol was drawn on the forehead with blood.
We can understand the talisman in two ways - as an actual tool for navigation, a so-called compass, and as a symbol that, through runic support, surrounds us with protection and shows us the way on an energetic level.
If we look at Vegvisir as a compass, the runic staves symbolize the primary directions: north, south, east and west, as well as the intermediate directions: northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. Theoretically, the nail that sits in the center of the compass indicates directions by casting a shadow according to certain times of day, which was supposed to help navigate sea travel. This allowed its user to accurately estimate the time, as well as the distance from the equator and the direction of the course.

Legends say that this symbol was drawn on ships to help sailors safely return straight home. In addition to being part of Icelandic culture, it has spiritual significance - those who need spiritual guidance and to reach their life goal should stock up on this talisman.
This unique symbol has become an egregore - it is mysterious and can actually mean something different to everyone. Vegvisir was an ancient Icelandic stave with magical properties and was a folk symbol. It is a visual spell of protection against losing one's way and metaphorically - against getting lost in life. It signifies holding the right course on a spiritual journey and finding your way by going through the sine wave of life: the ups and downs or twists and turns that accompany us every day.
Each arm of the compass repels a different kind of danger: starting with betrayal, through theft and ending with accidents. In the center of the talisman you can inscribe a goal - what you are striving for, so that the compass can guide you through all the hits of life. Holding the symbol in your hands, in full concentration, you can get clear guidance on the direction you should take. Vegvisir should be signed by the owner, so that the spell serves only him and under such conditions as he has set - the signature will be a seal.
Vegvisir is a symbol of care. It gives a sense of security to anyone who wears it. It calms, especially when the person holding the symbol loses his sense of space and gets physically lost. It brightens the mind and allows one to think logically. The conglomeration of runes strengthens faith and trust, and avoids panic in situations that at first glance seem to be without a way out.

Love spell works

  We have already considered how a love spell works . It remains to pay attention to the side effects of magical rituals. It is not difficul...